It's a new dawn.. Let's hope for a brighter day.

In the words of Naeto C - levels don change! This goes for everyone who has ties to the great country called Nigeria. Congratulations to everyone, because for the first time in a very long time, the average Nigerian felt represented by his/her vote.

I personally am not too blown away, because I see this as a start and not an end. The battle has been won, but not the war. Thank God for where we are, and congratulations to G.M Buhari for being the President Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Photo Of The Day: Tinubu Bows To Congratulate Buhari

Tatoo Fail.. #CaptionThis

Plastic Surgery gone wrong!

So it's 2014, and everything and body is moving at lightening speed. This human urge to improve, better, increase, and enhance oneself has been on forever; and it is because of this that when plastic surgery was discovered, some people just didn't know when to quit!

Below are some plastic surgery examples of WHY TF?!

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Suzanne Somers

Mickey Rourke

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Nigerian OAP, Mercy “Omo London” Ajisafe Strips To Cheer The Super Eagles

To support the National team’s Super Eagles for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil Cool FM presenter, Mercy “Omo London” Ajisafe released a football themed photo-shoot of her wearing not much.

Is she raising the Nigerian flag high, wearing a white halter neck bikini top and black bottoms, or she's just flaunting her long legs and supple body in the national jersey and white pant?
More photos below:

Talk about BIG packages in small jars..

A 45-year-old Manhattanite named, Jonah Falcon is recognized for having the longest man-hood ever measured in a documentary, a distinction that has made him an Internet star. He has declined many opportunities in Porn. But now, he has an offer he can’t refuse.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum– better known as “The man-hood Museum” has offered Jonah everlasting fame, by putting his 13.5-inch sex organ on display after his death.
“I am flattered by the invitation,” Falcon says in a letter to the museum sent via HuffPost Weird News.

“I appreciate your museum’s devotion to science, and it would be an honor to have my manhood put on display, hopefully nestled between the sexual appendages of a sperm whale and a polar bear … I hope I don’t make either of those creatures jealous. May I suggest you call the exhibit, ‘Jonah and the Whale’.”

Pall Arason, a 95-year-old Icelandic tour guide, became the first human to be featured in the museum, after he passed away in 2011. His penis and scrotum, now in a pickle jar, is a featured attraction.

The things we humans care about.. SMH!

Baddest Guy Ever Illuminated??

In these last few months of the year 2013, one of the major trends is what we all know as the #GunManPose. Popularized by Nigerian rap phenomenon, Olamide due to him using it in the album art to his recently dropped album - Baddest Guy Ever Liveth.

Now, there has always been a never ending debate as to how much influence the 'occultic world has on the media and entertainment in general, but it has never been this close to home. I fear the backlash that I would get from his loyal fans for breaking this story, but I'm just asking a question and putting it out there. I love his music, and being with him a couple of times has made me admire him even more, but this I cannot but wonder about.

" The origin of the name Baphomet is not clear. It appears to be a combination of two Greek words baphe and metis meaning “absorption of knowledge.” Other authors claim it is a corruption of “Mohamet” (Mohammed), but the first definition seems to be more accurate. Baphomet has its origins in the “Goat of Mendes.” Baphomet was also one of the aliases of Aleister Crowley. Baphomet has also been called the "Goat of Mendes" and the "Black Goat."

The goat also has to do with fertility and is symbolic of the Magnum Opus of alchemy when one's energies from kundalini increase. Spiritual alchemy is of Ancient Egypt and is the transformation of the human soul into the godhead.

The most famous historical account of Baphomet began with the Knights Templar. The Baphomet at the time of the Templars was believed to be an idol, represented by a human skull, a stuffed human head or a metal or wooden head with curly black hair, or sometimes a black cat. The idol was said to be worshipped by the Knights Templar in their latter days as the source of fertility and wealth. The Knights Templars also known as the “poor knights of christ” was founded in the year 1118 by Hugh de Payens of Champagne France. "

Now all I ask is that you all compare the 'GunmanPose' to the 'BaphometPose' and make your own decisions..

The #GLAZEGONEWILD RADIO SHOW is here to stay!!

Femi Glaze
So guys, after all of my shalaye and your waiting on end, the GGW Radio Show kicked off in October, 2013 and there's no stopping us! For the weirdest gist, the realest presenters, dopest music, newest talents, crazy vibes, liveliest callers and bants unlimited; GGW Radio Show is your one stop shop.

We have gotten so much love, its like hoping for a 'Keke Napep' and getting a Hummer; The calls, tweets, and comments everywhere. We appreciate our ardent listeners and fans who tune in every Saturday from 9pm on CityFm 105.1.

More photos after the cut..

Throwback: Can you name ALL of these guys?

Music collabos with foreign artistes is not by force!

Hi guys!

Today again, I'm doing a bit of what people might refer to as a 'calling out', but it is what it is when people be trying to play on my(OUR) intelligence.

Yesterday, I was listening to the radio, and apparently they had guests on the show I was listening to.. These guests happened to be Mavin's Dr Sid and Alexandra Burke of UK X-factor fame; she's in the country to perform at the finale of the Nigerian X-factor. They went on to say they were there to premiere a track that he featured her on - the remix of his song Baby Tornado.

I was curious to see what their mix-up would produce, so I went ahead to download the song, listened to it, and all that was different on the track was Tiwa Savage's verse!! At first, I thought the song had two remixes and maybe I didn't know about the first one. After doing a quick research, I found out it was only one remix to the song.

Here are my issues with the song:
  1. It was a lil too much use of autotune.
  2. Then after listening to the supposed Alexandra's verse, I couldn't understand why Don Jazzy who is a music wizard would want to put her usually deep, full voice in the background.
  3. Viola! It got to the 'fregede' part and I understood.. It was too tuned because it was Tiwa that was doing the singing, not Alexandra!
  4. How do they explain someone who's never been to Nigeria suddenly speaking native lingo so fluently?
  5. In addition to the fact that Tiwa's voice stands out like Champagne compared to palm wine, it's beautiful!

Please, these guys should understand that Nigerians who have supported them this far love them for their music, and not all this senrere. It is not by force to sing with some dude from wherever only to get your ass exposed like Sinzu, with Godwon saying he was famzing him on MySpace. Na by force?!! 
Y'all need to step your games up!!

Download the song here: Baby Tornado Rmx

Miley Cyrus at it again (Nude in music video)

Miley CyrusOkay! It's official people! Miley 'Hannah Montana' Cyrus is on a mission! If I may take a guess, i'll say it's to completely remove any ideas as to whether or not she's 'grown'.
After her display at this year's VMA's, and all the notoreity that came with that performance, one would think that she or her advisors/record label/management would ask that she slows down; Instead she answers back with a video that shows her quite nude to her track - Wrecking Ball.

This video is bound to have some parents wreck the tvs or computers of their kids found watching it, and need I mention turning some balls I honestly have nothing against this style of marketing/publicity, even though I must say that it's a very bold move on her part.

Watch the video below..

Top 5 Nigerian artistes who would dwarf you on YOUR track!

Another GGW Top 5 has got us looking at the artistes with whom you stand a chance of losing the shine of your song to. This might sound a little malicious, but trust me it's not. It's simply the truth that has been proven over time when listener's always have to ask, "abeg, na who sing that song?" or people call in to radio shows and request a song by one of these guys, when in reality all they did was feature on the track!

1. Wizkid

Short letter to Naija students from Unilag student affected by strike

" News reaching me says students are planning to block the streets and bridges next week in protest of the continuation of the ASUU strike - beht why? Your papa no get house? Abi you can't find a job to do? No be your mates dey hustle? Or me sef no be student like you?
Please I urge you all to respect yourselves and don't go funny.. No babariga.. No ranse-ronzy. As you all know, beautiful faces need no powder. Don't fix it if it's not broken!
Thank you.. TeamASUU, leggoo!
(N.B: I heard ASUU is ready to take it to next year.. Wow, ASUU is doing a great job!) "

So, that was sent in by a Unilag student simply identified as Kofinho. What do y'all think? Does he have a point or not? Leave your comments below..lool.

The Glaze Gone Wild Radio Show is finally here!


The Glaze Gone Wild Radio Show, a live radio program will be an unusual radio show right from the very beginning as we shall be exploring a terrain never before surveyed in Nigeria. It is basically a magazine radio show where the latest music, music videos, current issues, engaging fun topics and interviews shall be discussed with NO HOLDS barred.

The GGW Radio Show plans to hit airwaves on the 7th of September, 2013. It will draw on the vast exposure and experience of Femisire Ajayi (Glaze) gained from being a blogger, television presenter, radio OAP & socialite, and Sumbo Olundegun (BigMa) who is an entertainment publicist and music artiste. It is a fully interactive radio program that will cut across all sexes, age groups and genders. 

The GlazeGoneWild Radio Show also features ‘The BigMa Experience’ – a show segment which is practically a 30 minutes celebrity interview session, which looks to be as controversial and unbiased as possible. 

Lady Gaga at the VMAs '13

Haven posted stuff on her wanna-be, we just cant ignore the person who can be described as the 'boss lady' of legal entertainment wayrey - Lady Gaga! Seeing as her not-protege went on stage with full pvc panties, Ms Gaga decided to show her how it's done by performing in a thong! - yes guys, a mermaid thong..

She's been up to a lot of mischief lately due to her forthcoming album. All P.R is good they say..

More pics after the cut..

Miley Cyrus at the VMAs '13

I think it's safe to say you live under a rock, or you haven't been to lately if you still do not know why there's a post on 'this teen sensation'. At the MTV Video Music Awards held yesterday, the duo gave the crowd (and us viewers at home) something to think and talk about.

Miley Cyrus has been on a roll lately, and the fact that she was going to be performing on a very 'big' stage didn't scare some sense into her; she donned some pvc, nude coloured underwear while she twerked, danced, butt-slapped dancers and almost grinded Robin Thicke's manly parts off!

I personally think she's just trying to carve out something special for herself with all these antics, videos and silly stuff she's been letting out. In other news, my sympathy to Robin Thicke as she successfully got 97% of the crowd to forget he was even on stage with

Market where dog meat is sold openly in China

Apparently, the taste for dog meat doesn't linger on the tongues of Calabar people only (no pun intended), but when food isn't sufficient in China, dogs and cats are socially accepted to be served as an emergency food source!

These dogs are mostly bred to be slaughtered, but that doesn't leave out the fact that some of them are stolen pets and street dogs that nobody cares about. In recent times though, growing number of Chinese residents are buying animals as pets and have started the campaign against animal cruelty. Despite the increased local and international pressures to stop dog-eating practices it is still estimated that 10,000 dogs are killed every year during the 1-day dog-eating event in Guangxi Yulin.

Benin, Edo Chieftancy Titles for Dilish and Maria??

Okay, do not be afraid if you hail from the revered Benin city in Nigeria. This has nothing to do with your Oba awarding titles; instead I heard from a little bird that the oga at the top in the state government has had his eyes (and h**ds) on two of the contestants in the ongoing Big Brother Africa 2013, The Chase.

The report reaching us is that this certain 'badt guy' has been spoiling these girls silly whenever he 'imports' them into the country. It is also no secret that these two, Dilish and Maria have been friends even before their entry into the game. This post came last because I've been trying to confirm the reports, but with the sudden obsession with Dilish (who is still in the house) and Benin city, Nigeria - I've been forced to reconsider my 'on the fence' stand on the issue. She's been giving quite very random shout outs to the state that isn't even in her country, so much that a raised eyebrow is not out of place.

Anyway, that is what we heard..

Top 5 Nigerian Crew Jamz (Videos)

They say two heads are better than one, right? So if there are more than two heads, it's supposed to be a good thing right? Anyway, as Nigerians we all appreciate a good jam, especially when its a mash up of various musical talents under one label.

Here is my list of the top 5 songs and videos by Nigerian labels/crews.. Enjoy!

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