Did 2face lie to Nigerians?

Holla y'all!

I really don't want to believe that 2face pulled an ugly trick on the whole nation, if not continent. Please, it is a known fact that Nigerian artistes are topping any available chart with regards to the African continent. And entertainment is big business in Nigeria.
So can someone please tell me why one of our own finest would ridicule himself and the whole entertainment industry by claiming he did a collabo with a foreign artiste.
In the recently held annual Thisday Music Festival, we were there(not like I really wanted to see Kells, but... you know) with expectations that were shattered when Kells came on stage and did no song with 2face until the end of the show.
It got me and my home-boys thinking, but we were too involved with the side attractions(shawtys)the show offers for young guys like us.lol. to get bothered. The show was over and I couldn't care less; Only to get to find out later that Kells was questioned about why he didn't do the song 'Flex' with 2face and he said he hadn't even heard the name before!(dirty slap) Kai! 2face, WHY?
The song was played for him and he said he had done that beat a long time ago and 2face probably got it from the internet(another heavy slap). I remember the mad hype that surrounded the release of that lame song. Before it, came the silly 3tracker 'pre-album' that 2face claimed was a neccessity for him because he is an international artiste... Anyway I guess he has suddenly taken over from his numerous baby mamas in a bid to relieve them of their babysitting; Because he has been unreachable since then.

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