Once upon a time in Abbatoir...

Holla y'all!

Please O! I was passing thru Agege market the other day(actually, was just making use of the road cos I was trying to avoid traffic) and what I saw was not a pleasant site @ all. These Lagos state's collabo with Kai and these task force people is gangsta mehn. During the unholy and then holy hours of saturday and sunday, these guys had practically demolished 70% of the market! I was so shocked i nearly ran into one hawker's tray of oranges(which she would happily force me to buy, had I put even just a tyre bolt on them) bcos I was looking at the site where my mom used to go buy bokoto. not sure I got that spelling right but it should be yoruba for 'cow leg'.lol.
T'was like I was on the beach(i swear). I could feel the breeze on my face cos all d shops were about the size of my pam slipper's sole. Traders were everywhere lamenting their plight, ESPECIALLY when it was so OBVIOUS that the Police Officer's Wives Association set of 4 or 6 shops were still standing well well. It was a sorry situation both for the traders who couldn't secure a shop in that lot and for the task force people who suddenly went blind when they got to that area...

We are 2geda, 4geda.... Chuurrrch!

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