Ssup wiv Koko Mansion?

Holla y'all...

Abeg, what's the big deal with this major flop called Koko Mansion? Big ups to D'Banj for being who he is. I admire the fact that someone who promised the masses 'Koko condoms' has been using his condoms himself...ha ha ha. For realz, lets not kid ourselves. The fact that his lyrics are soaked in debauchery, sex and suggestive catch phrases hasn't prompted him to obey God's commandment to the letter by reproducing and subdueing the world like uncle 2face(lol). But if he has to invest the money he worked easy for, he should try to sit and do a lot more brain-storming than he has been doing.
I think he should get an award for 'Lamest Ideas'. Koko fist, Koko condoms, Koko water, Koko lounge(that i'm hoping would be a feather in his hat) and Koko mansion...sheez whaz all dat; He does have a trail of all dat, init? I love a brother who has 'plans', but let your ideas be realisable. If you sit and can't get anything from above....
There are a lot of fresh youth core members in the banking labour market looking for 'targets'. Be a nice guy and bless them with this money.

We are 2geda, 4geda.... Chuurrrch!

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