Can I hear an amen?

I am almost in tears and don’t be alarmed because they are good tears. There has been a fresh bout of laughter in my house like every minute. Since Wande Coal is on the Mo’ Hits record label, I really think he should dedicate his hit song – ‘You bad’ to Rita in the Koko mansion TV show. Simply because SHE IS BAD!!! You should sit down to watch that babe for 5 minutes and trust me, if you are not crying out of pity, you would be nursing a headache. I have no idea where them Koko mansion guys did their auditions; but Rita makes one think of the uneducated part of Benin kingdom. Haba! Her English can make Queen Elizabeth turn 18 again, and make Gordon Brown resign from his position. She doesn’t even give you a chance to laugh one off before she drops another bombshell. She is either killing her tenses or giving you some mad alphabet factors. On the 6th of August when they were supposed to be acting as Radio presenters, she first went ahead to introduce the song ‘Igwe’ as Eagle by D’ Banj and now killed it when the second time she introduced the song Yori Yori as Yori Yori by Basket Mouth! Even my Mum knows who sang that song… I hope she wins anyway, now you can say Amen.

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