Cast re-shuffle on Iron Man 2...

I hope you all remember the flying robot with the rich sexy guy (Robert Downey) inside of it? Well the sequel has had its cast re-shuffled. They are...

Don Cheadle (Col. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes): The guy from Hotel Rwanda? Apparently Terrance Howard got fired and replaced with Cheadle just because the producers didn't want to pay his fee for the sequel. And part of the reason Howard was fired was that director John Favreau wasn't too happy with his performance.

Mickey Rourke (Ivan/ Whiplash/ The Wrestler): It is rumoured that the Iron Man producers first offered him an insulting $250, 000 to be in their movie. Ol' boy, I would act any role, infact two for $250,000 but this guy is amongst Hollywood's elite naw. Thank God he held out until after all the Oscar buzz for his movie 'The Wrestler'.

Samuel L Jackson (Nick Fury): This guy must have Lucozade or something running through his veins. I mean he's been in more movies than any other big name actor (78 to be exact). And save Frank Welker (a Voice Actor), his movies cumulatively, have grossed more than any other actor's…a mind-blowing $4,458,983,764. Yes that’s right…4 billion dollars plus.

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