Dope dude or bloody fluke?

Holla y'all!

Today, I am at a cross-roads as to whether making it in life depends on one's talent or lots of luck. I take a look at the Naija music scene and i really feel sorry for some artists. I'm left to wonder if these record labels or show promoters are in any way just in their judgements.
I look at Debee and the noise that surrounded his ONE hit 'Collabo', and I wonder whats happening to Black Trybe? The duo that came out with an album that had serious potentials and a couple of club bangers. I am seriously pissed at the highly ridiculous(over-hyped) single 'Shayo'(that has like 3remixes aleady) by Bigiano and I'm asking myself where Sean Tero is.
I'm sorry if it looks like I'm hating on some particular brothers, but i am just seriously pissed at what is happening in the industry. I can imagine where the likes of Sean Tero, Segun Agbede, Black Trybe(these brothers who even as hustling omo-boys have struggled to release an album) and co. would be if only they had half the support given to these guys who have assaulted our ears with O-N-E single that they keep remixing for almost a year(or more). It breaks my heart to hear that Kennis Music is signing unknown guys like Jaywon when what we have on ground hasn't been been thoroughly exploited.

We are 2geda 4geda. Chuurrrch!

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