Mo' Hits Crew at the 2009 SMVAs...

Holla y'all!

The SoundCity Music Video Awards took place on the Saturday, the 1st of August, 2009.
The venue was packed full with stars from all areas of entertainment and it was a night that had divas and divos out in full gear to show the continent what they put on, how well they put it on and who put it on them.
Everyone arrived early so as to grace the Red carpet. Oh, that reminds me. The Red Carpet; That piece of material that could be said to be as important as the main event itself. Right from its addition to events, people of low class, high class, stars, upcoming artistes and the likes have given the Red carpet it's deserved respect before any event by allowing themselves to be subjected to the crazed flashes of the photographers and the short interviews that have become a culture on the Red carpet.
On Saturday, I was sincerely put off by the code of conduct that was displayed by members of the Mo' Hits crew on the Red carpet. What was up with all the security and the total and painful disregard of the members of the press that were present at the event? If you think you have arrived, think again bros. We made you...

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