Pass me your love ...or ... Take it!

Holla y'all

My friends and I were just talking recently and one of them just reminded me about one show that was held in school last semester. Ol' boy,it wasn't funny o. Oluwe and friends almost(infact it caused) trouble in UNILAG. First of all, it reduced the crowd at the Psychology dept. bbq that held on that same day only to turn the art theatre into a sympathiser's camp when came on stage to interrupt Terry G's rendition of the song, Pass me ur love.
He claimed to have struggled to write, produce and promote that song; And that only he had the right to perform that song. He gave us long gist about how much it cost to put that song in the market and blah blah blah...and how much he had 'not' made despite the song being a big hit.
I almost raised a motion to collect small offering for the guy....lmao.

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