Ssup wiv Dr Sid...?

Abeg, I really can't tell you what the game is amongst Mo' Hits crew members, but I seriously do not understand the usefulness of this guy apart from him singing back-up for Wande Coal(on whose behalf I'm thankful to God). This guy hasn't even assaulted our ears with a single that flopped on the label. Haba! Even Wande Coal who got into the business long after Dr Sid, already has an album. Yet he is everywhere doing whatever the made guys on the record label have decided to do.
Does he have any ambition at all? Or he is content with just being on the label?
Even all his guys from Da Trybe are doing well for themselves, but it seems he has decided to just make a career out of back-up singing...

BY THE WAY... I would like to congratulate Bolanle, the winner of the reality TV show - Koko Mansion. I still have my reservations on the lack of organisation and finesse on the show; But I'm happy for her and I hope D' Banj is sharp enough to hold that chick well(fine face, good sense of humour, nice hips et al).

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