Stats Update

Here are some fun statistics...

*Women own 22 pairs of knickers(panties) on average - and almost one in five have gone to work without wearing any.
Blokes smiling at that figure should quit now. Around eight per cent of you don't clean your teeth in the morning.

*Britons pinch an estimated 430,000 gallons of hotel shampoo every year.

*More people believe in ghosts (42 per cent) than God (38 per cent).

*The average wedding costs £22,858 with the bride spending £1,200 on a wedding dress. The groom's outfit is just £165...(and we have to pay most of the time).

*More money is printed daily for the game Monopoly than for most countries, including the U.S.

*Eleven per cent of us don't wash our hands after using the toilet.

*Thirty-six per cent of us do not take a bath or shower every day.

*Thirty-nine per cent of us read on the loo, 21 per cent text and 21 per cent talk either on phone or to family member.

*We have sex an average of 4,239 times in our lifetime. And I would like to add that the figures are rising steadily.

*Women spend 27.5 mins in the bathroom, compared to 20.7 by men.

*The soft drink Coca-Cola was originally green.

*Sixty-three per cent of us are too embarrassed to complain about a bad meal at a restaurant.

*Five per cent of our total album purchases - and 90 per cent of singles - are now downloads.

*Sixty-four per cent of women find clothes shopping "depressing" and ten per cent have cried in a changing room.

*Nearly one in six kids aged between two and ten is now clinically obese.

*You could fit the entire UK into Russia 70 times, Australia 31 times and France twice.

*Women spend three hours a day on housework on average. Men clock up just one hour and forty minutes.

*People in Sheffield(UK) have the most fillings and missing teeth.

*Britons eat more than half of the crisps scoffed in the EU and twice as many baked beans per person as any other country.

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