Old Students Re-Union...

Ssup y'all!

Today was pretty -^-#-^. Seriously, I don't know if I should be happy or still pissed. I woke up today and over-surprisingly (4give my grammar), I was the first to take a bath in my house. Just went upstairs to greet my parents, got to their room and found out that they were just getting up and they nearly decided against going to church simply'cos Glaze was up early..lol.

Being the first Sunday of the month, I decided to go the traditional way and clothe myself in a Buba & sokoto. I was looking on point with my 'gators' sticking out like razor blades. We got in one of the cars and went to church only for the car to decide to mess up on our way back home. Infact, I cannot explain how much of a screw-up it was bcos it was raining angels and demons... Serzly, the steering wheel just became really stiff and impossible to turn. Luckily, we were able to get in touch with our mechanic who, God bless his soul turned up like 30 minutes later. We found out it was one of the belts that had cut.

My Dad is a sucker for always having an extra around, so we happily pulled out a spare belt thinking we would be out of the place real soon - for where? The belt decided to be too short just when we thot it was our saviour; And we found this out after unscrewing a quarter of the engine. And i hope you hvn't forgotten that it was sunday morning. We had to wait another 25 minutes for the mechanic to go look for somewhere to conjure a belt that would fit (twas still raining heavily) and the help had to get down to go home to prepare brunch - we don't eat before church on Sundays.

When the mechanic came back, I was so fliping wet! I didn't know whether to scream or shout. Then the fixing battle started with a 3 man labour force(my bruv, the mech. & I). We were pulling, holding, screwing, unscrewing & getting engine oil all over our(MY) clothes. It got so annoying, I had to bone my fine-boy and get under the ride to start pushing spanners(in the rain!). I was so drenched when we actually did fix it. And to imagine I still had to go to my primary school's old student re-union.

Got home safe and sound, and just when I wanted to crash(after a plate of hot pounded yam) my sister came in to say we spent almost 3 hours with the belt and it was about time we left for the re-union. I was so pissed, I felt like going there on someone's back. It was with sleepy eyes I arrived the venue, but I luckily met some of my old classmates and that kinda brightened me up a great deal. We had fun just catching up on gist and all. Twas cool anyway, but today is a day I ain't forgetting soon.

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