This is Big Sister?!

Ssup y'all!

I just want to confirm, am I the only one who feels Big Brother Africa 4 is a total mess up? C'mon, what are the producers thinking? You take a show that is really popular continent-wide and turn it into what exactly?
Geez! People are still getting over the rude shock and the veiwership is dropping that this year's BBA would not be featuring the controversial Shower Hour and even the late night Uncut footage; Only for the producers to deem it fit to first assault our eyes with serious bromance in the house for a WEEK, before bringing the girls.

I think the show has been taken over by spongebob squarepants people who think its sexy to be broke. Cos I don't see why any right thinking group of people would want to lose viewership a lot of people would kill for. Okay, I have to be fair on them and cut them some slack because of the hassling they've recieved from a lot of bodies who are against nudity and all; But they found a perfect way to handle it by saying if its showing on your TV, its because you asked for it! DSTV would not broadcast it to anyone except it was requested for. So why the exclusion of the 'koko' of the show? Anyway, I really hope they don't lose me too, 'cause the constant ranting of  A LADY who is supposed to be Big Brother is disturbing. I LOVE WOMEN and I ain't sexist but I just feel its too much of a contradiction.

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