The Funny Thing about market Monopoly

Howdy y’all,

I was just thinking about one funny occurrence in Nigeria especially, and I thot it will be fun to share it with you...

- Have you gone to the market or written down a list of grub to get and you find yourself asking for or writing Indomie, when what you really need is any kind of NOODLES.

- Have you hurriedly asked someone in the kitchen to pass you the Maggi, when what you really need are SEASONING CUBES.

- Have you told someone the Peak milk at home is finished, when what actually finished is another brand of EVAPORATED MILK.

- Have you ever been around a person who asks someone else to get him/her Close-Up, when what they really need is any tube of TOOTHPASTE.

It is really funny when I hear all these stuff. It can even get so ridiculous that people request for Knorr ‘Maggi’.. Haba! It just cracks me up so bad, but I’m at least happy for the manufacturers of such products. Guess their advertisements and consistency has paid off. And the mistakes... well, that’s what makes us Nigerian, init? Lol.

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