Primary School in Naija?... Confirm here pls.

Howdy y'all?

        Yes, I know I've been away for a while. Been working on my first book and all; Putting all the finishing touches to it and all. It will be out for purchase before the year runs out sha...

         Okay, to the business of the day. The law states that you have to go through primary school before you get qualified for secondary school and university. The experience that you have in a Nigerian elementary primary school cannot be equaled by any. The mumuish (lol) touch to primary education when you look back can be both funny and annoying.

               Playing 'catcher' and 'police and thief' during recess break time et al. Holding the babes (who happened to all be wearing singlets just like us) round the waists, chests and rolling in the sand. Fast forward to now and you have to be careful so you don't snap the bones in the Victoria Secret bras which may be holding Double D's that are probably saline or silicone... And about the holding, you are definitely risking getting slapped or stepped on with 11" heels.

          Shit does happen, but just for the nostalgia it brings. Check these original 9ja poems out...

Some have food but cannot eat, some can eat but have no food. We have food and we can eat. Glory be to thee o Lord. Amen.

The day is bright is bright and fair

oh happy day, the day of joy

The day is bright is bright and fair

oh happy day, the day of joy

mama jellof rice!

oh my home o my home

oh my home o my home

wen shall i see my home

wen shall i see my nativeland

i will never forget my home!

holiday is coming [2x]

no more warning bells

no more teachers cane.

goodbye teachers, goodbye scholars

I ' m going 2 spend

a jolly holiday [2x]

h-i-p- for d hip

p-o-p-o for d hipopo

and t-a-m-u-s for the hipopotamus1


parents listen to your children

we are the leaders of tomorrow

try and pay our school fees

and give us good education

I am a little sailor boy that comes from the sea

that comes from the sea to marry you

Oh will u marry marry marry

will you you marry me?

8 o ' clock is d time 4 skul, dnt be l8t in d mornin.

8 o ' clock is 4 boys and gals, come 2 skul in za mornin.

Closing time in the afternoon:

Now the day is over, night is drawing nigh, shadows of the evening, still across the skies

Glory to the father, Glory to the son, And to thee blessed spirit, Whilst all ages run, Amen!

rain rain go away

come another noda day

Little children want to play

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