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Howdy y'all!

Truth be told. I love my country, but if my country loves me back is what I seriously doubt. Was talking to someone the other day and she was laughing at stuff I didn't consider funny at all. I was saying that if you walk into a maternity ward, look for the newest baby among the lot, sit by its cot and start telling it about all the wrong things happening in this country... You would need to buy it a walking stick as a parting gift because the baby would age right there in that cot!

When I was growing up, people might have had to go peek through the windows of their neighbours (who were priviledged enough to own generators) to be able to watch the Super Eagles play good soccer; Now, we only talk about the 'chickens' and sport journalists have had to damn their ethics and use swear words(f**k, to be precise) on national tv. I really won't mind if we had just one good thing to hold on to, roads, security, power supply, education, intellectual productivity(even yahoo boys have resorted to jazzing up their magas), honesty in our political circles, sports, and the list goes on. We don't need to keep placing ourselves at the mercy of foreigners who won't mince words when they have to verbally flog us or tactically trash us(at the world cup - except a miracle happens). I only hope we youths have not been totally corrupted by the greed that rules our nation.

We really should strive to change things for the better.

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