BBA Revolution winner Kevin Chuwang-Pam, a comedian?


Howdy y'all!

I know that usually comes first, but I'm still annoyed by what happened on the 9th of May. Geez, a calm sunday evening definitely comes with a lotta pretty cool TV shows. One of the ones i'm particularly interested in is Comedy Club: Live in Lagos hosted by BigB's I.K. Hey! Who can't use a good laugh?

Anyway, I tune to the channel and I'm settling down only to hear I.K announce that there was a 'special guest' in the building. The guest who happened to be Kevin. If i'm not mistaken, this dude was alll about doing rap while he was in the house. What in Heaven's name is he doing on the set of a comedy show?! I decided to give him a benefit of doubt that was thrown right back at me when he opened his mouth to start telling what I believe he thought were jokes.

With absolutely no beef for this dude, except that he is now stupidly fatter, his trousers looked like he stole them, he couldn't even sit on his bum - his waist had to substitute and I would rather laugh at a baby farting than any of his %^#**(@%^ dry jokes... Phew!

With all that said, I close with: I really hope you have better luck with your album, bruv. You've got enough money to pay a song-writer, a good producer and even a body double for your video. Cheers!

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