M.I.A - At all !!!

Howdy y'all?

This one here is to find out why I've started finding it difficult to update my blog. People have been fbooking me and sending me e-mails, some concerned ones and the others.... - well, good fans. I have a thousand and one things to blog about, but the time I can squeeze out is very little to coordinate my thoughts.

I hope BlogsVille possesses a really good doctor that can handle such serious cases? My specifications -
Female (before nko?),
Between the ages of 17 and 35 (experience does count... wink)
Someone who can do some hands-on explanation
Someone who is good to look at (not necessarily listen to)
And... the rest would be communicated later.

Anyway, just before I forget. I was on a bike home last week and a pick-up truck crossed lanes (apparently, the mumu driver wanted to park in front of a bank) and totally blocked the bike I was on. Sharply, I did a mental check of what, and how much  I had on me because a cuz of mine was dispossessed of a BB and laptop last month. It was like I was on a movie set.

The funny part of the gist is the bike rider was Hausa and was feeling like he was a jasi (proper) LasGidi guy. Immediately we were crossed, he shouted at the driver who had successfully parked his ride inside an open gutter, "You no get sense - at all!". Still livid, he managed to pull us out of where we had been cornered, crossed over to the driver's window and screamed, "You see am, stupid man. You don craze - AT ALL!"

I don't think I should tell you how tightly I held on to the bike after that. I was laughing so hard, a police man at a traffic light had to ask if I was being kidnapped and had been drugged ...lol.

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