Howdy y'all!

Today was fresh. For the very first time I drove a car with just my Dad and I in it. I know that may sound a lil weird but if you know my Dad, you'll know he doesn't want to die soon and seeing me behind the wheels of any car is like him looking at a He just had this thing in his head that if that doesn't happen, I might give him a heart attack.

My mum is the total opposite. She happily gives out the heart and head-aches. She'll complain about how you don't use your brake just as she's insulting you on how you keep going too slow. I don't mind her company in the car though, as long as I am not the one driving. Was at my place of work today and finally things are beginning to look up. Change is constant and there's a pretty good wind of change blowing through that place. We are stepping the game up and am I glad about it?..Yes, I am.

I personally feel it's long overdue but happy to be getting the results I've wanted. Wish y'all the best of luck too. Y'all gonna be hearing about Archie Glaze doing lots of bigger things sooner than you imagine.

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