It's Official! Shan George has LOST it..

I'm here trying to figure out what goes on in the minds of people we refer to as celebrities in Nigeria. If you were are a fan of Naija home videos, you should know some babe called Shan George. She WAS always cast for sexy, daring, temptress and bad girl roles. Now, she is leaving 'attractive' old and getting even older after chasing after young guys who only wanted to get some of what they saw on TV and getting married to them.

She has apparently been devastated by her serial break-ups that I suspect her brain is working in reverse mode. Haba! Now she's doing stuff that she should have done as a novice in the entertainment game. First, she goes to work on a movie that has already hit Box Office record no-sales (even though it hasn't been released) as a result of the retarded title. Abeg, who in the world does a movie called 'Super Zebra Man'? What is so super about a Zebra apart from it being black and white? Then like that wasn't enough, she enters the music industry and even had the effontery to shoot a video for a song titled Ogogo. I would like all of you to please remember her in your prayers; She needs us.

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