Naija States and New Slogans...

Just got this off Naija Rooney Commentary (with a lil editing by my humble self); I think it's a pretty silly name, considering it has nothing to do with football or Rooney. This is quite hilarious though and I thought it'll be nice to share it here. No pun intended - Enjoy!

1. Lagos: "Give Us Your Poor and Weak, We Shall Rob Them at No Extra Cost To You."
2. Niger: "The Home of Dictators. Which Other State Has Two?"

3. Kano: "Shut-up, Niger, Have you Forgotten Murtala Muhammed and Sani Abacha?"

4. Ondo: "Boy, Where Have All Our Bright Ones Gone?"

5. Ekiti: "Thank God, We Got All The Bright Ones From Ondo during State Creation."

6. Cross River: "Can Someone Tell Us If We Are Nigerians or Cameroonians?"

7. Ebonyi: "Damn It, Cross River, Who Cares?"

8. Sokoto: "The Ajucation State."

9. Benue: "Home of the Brave Ones. Remember Okar, Iyorshie & Malu?"

10. Plateau: "We Once Shared The Same State With The Brave Ones. Hip! Hip!! Hip!!!? Hurray!!!"

11. Bayelsa: "Thank God for Odi, Our Claim To Fame."

12. Kaduna: "Are There Really More Christians Than Moslems in This State? We Want A Recount."

13. Borno: "Does Anyone Know How to Spell Boroonu? Please Help?"

14. Kwara: "To Be Yorubas or to be Hausas--That is The Question."

15. Akwa Ibom: "Our Women Are The Best Lovers."

16. Jigawa: "Bring Those Sinning Akwa Ibom Women & We Shall Flog Them."

17. Zamfara: "Home of The One-Armed Citizens."

18. Bauchi: "We Took Out The 'B' in Biafra."

19. Enugu: "Watch Your Goro Mouth, Bauchi?"

20. Ogun: "In The Words of Our former President--'Go To Hell!."

21. Oyo: "There Are Only Two States in Nigeria--Oyo & Others. Ye-whooooo!!!"

22. Edo: "How Many of Our Girls Did They Deport From Italy Today?"

23. Delta: "Who Cares, Edo? We Stopped Counting Years Ago When We Became a Separate State. Hehehehehe."

24. Imo: " 'I' for 'Igbo', 'M' for 'MASSOB' & 'O' for 'Ojukwu'. Yes O!!!!"

25. Kebbi: "Come Drink in Our State. We Don't Care. Just Don't Stagger Into Zamfara."

26. Taraba: "We Almost Had Oil. Kai!"

27. Abia: "Our Governor is More Handsome Than Yours. Eat Your Heart Out."

28. Adamawa: "Nun-Cents, We Are The Edukayshion Slate. No Sokoto. Tafur"

29. Kogi: "We Love Our State So Much That We Will Spell It for You--'K' as in 'Cupboard', 'O' as in 'Nothing', 'G' as in 'Jesus' and 'I' as in 'Eyes'. Yeah!!!."

30. Nasarawa: "Kai, We Almost Had Oil Too."

31. Anambra: "Okadigbo? Never Heard of Him."

32. Yobe: "Our Claim To Fame: Major Hamza El Mustapha."

33. Rivers: "Eat Oil, Sleep Oil, Drink Oil sef."

34. Osun: "Are We Really A State? We Are Confused?"

35. Gombe: "Zombie O' Zombie."

36. Katsina: "Leave Us Alone. We Are Still Thinking of a Slogan. We Are Slow Thinkers."

FCT--- Abuja: "The Centre of Corruption."

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