Pop Something or Show you've got money & Swagger?

Howdy y'all?

I'm kinda confused right now, just a little bit though. I just saw the newly released videos of two artists on the Mo' Hits label... and they confirmed my fears. Those guys are losing their touch FAST! For Heaven's sake! Do they feel it's now a compulsory thing for them to do? Na by force? If you are not ready for it, don't do it!
I don't want to be the one to keep smacking these dudes up, but they 'used' to do better. I think their video production has definitely taken a nose-dive starting with that appalling video by D' Prince; If I were told the entire video was shot with a camera phone, I wouldn't doubt it.

D Prince's 'Omo Oba' video

A big chair and tummy belly dancers do NOT make you an Omo Oba..

One sentence - A waste of time.

Dr Sid's 'Pop Something' video

Dudes, even Justin Bieber wouldn't start counting the amount of drinks he's bought or had in his video.. What was all that about? You guys are supposed to be extra fly, but for me the video was bull..(I like the song though a lot).

I think they should go take a cue from these dudes. They do what I like to call Turning the swag on and keeping it that way.

Cartiair's 'Owo ati Swagga' video

From the lighting to the girls, suits, lyrics and popping...
Cartiair killed this joint with a swell video.

Banky W's 'Lagos Party' video

When you talk about having a party, stepping up your game and representing LasGidi; I'ld have to doff my hat to Banky W. He knew he had to bring it on and he did. Lots of popping and obvious fun. And like I heard him say, "The video is as expensive as it looks"... Trust me bruv, you don't want to go bragging on me.. :-)

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