When the Mighty tumble..

Howdy y'all!

I don't hate. It's just that sometimes it feels good to know that a rich person is broke or your prom queen woke up with two BIG zits(pimples) on her forehead and nose...lol. When people or situations don't change, it generally affects the earth's balance, the ying & yang, you know.

Today, I just want to extend my sympathy to one of the few football 'heavy-weights' who got their butts kicked right out of the World Cup(after Nigeria though). It's really annoying to know those green frogs on our National team and football federation got paid heavily for the useless performance they so proudly displayed. I can only imagine how it feels to be trashed like that. Germany showed no mercy especially to Maradona's coaching career.

Little wonder why he decided to let their fans have it real good before his exit. He had his daughter to thank for quickly removing him from the pitch before things got any worse. I was beginning to fall in love with the player turned coach, linesman, spectator and ball-boy. The sign reads "Bye Maradona"

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