Exit Munya, Enter ‘Mu-Mu’nya..

On the very first day the BBA housemates stepped into the house, it was quite obvious in the selection that the people over at M-Net did wonderful casting for the BBA All Stars edition. We had fine boys with a few exceptions and beautiful women. One dude who ranked high on that list was Munya; Simply because he has a cute frame and a wonderful smile. The only downside is he didn’t tell us in his profile that he is seriously lacking in intellectual abilities (especially when a woman is applying the pressure). Tatiana got this dude to look like a flippin sick transvestite just because she needed wanted to talk to the male folk in the house after a dagger thrown at her by Lerato asked that she does no such thing for a week. To imagine that NOTHING has even happened between them and thanks to Sheila, might never happen…

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