I wear my sunglasses at night???

Howdy y’all,

Yeah, I know I’ve been away for a while. It’s just that I’ve been a lil busy. When you live as a dude in Naija, you’ll learn to respect the word ‘hustle’.

Anyway, the topic for discussion today is the disturbing trend that has begun with the influx of sunglasses and shades into the Naija fashion scene. According to the dictionary, sunglasses are eyeglasses with tinted or darkened lenses to protect the eyes from sunlight or it’s glare; So, can someone tell me why some supposedly ‘sane’ people wear sunglasses at night?
Designer shades

It’s a little funny when you step out of a 24-hour store or night club and you see some dude or babe coming at you with a smile and frames that could cover half of their faces including the nose... It makes me wonder if they are trying to be blind to see how it feels. The whole thing just contradicts the sun in sunglasses.

No sun - don’t wear.

Inside a house – don’t wear.

In CHURCH – don’t wear.

In the rain – Abeg, don’t wear.

There is something called ‘Stunna shades’; If you happen to lay your hands on one of those, then maybe you might be allowed bail.. If you remember to take them off in Church and in the rain.

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