Everything na double-double..

Howdy y'all?

Totally having a laugh as I'm typing. This particular trend was inspired by a friend of mine. She just came up with questions about why Nigerians like to say most things twice. It got funnier as time went on because we found out that it was so TRUE! What more can I say other than UP NAIJA! we too get mouth...lol.

Examples we came up with:

Mago mago,
Copy copy,
Yori yori,
Kata kata, 
Follow follow,
Lai lai,
Yama yama,
Gra gra,
Tolo tolo,
Bom bom
Sme sme,
Lie lie,
Craw craw,
Wuru wuru,
Shaky shaky,
Moi moi,
Puff puff,
Jedi jedi
Fear fear,
Kalo kalo
Kia kia,
Lapa lapa,
Pata pata,
Leke leke,
Sharp sharp,
Looku looku,
Waka waka,
Chin chin,
Goody goody,
Borrow borrow,
Corner corner...

Please feel free to make your additions by clicking on the comments link right under this post. Cheers!

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