To kiss or not to kiss?

Howdy y'all!

Okay, as you all know, I've been writing exams and been either too busy or too tired to blog. Anyway, after yesterday's paper was done, I was just chilling outside my faculty with my peeps and a female classmate walked up to us. For some funny reason, she asked how the paper went only to part with, "Ol boy, I need to kiss o. This exam no gree me see my boyfriend".
It got a laugh out of all of us but it made me think about the whole kissing idea, is it over-rated? Everybody for some reason reacts to kissing, being kissed or seeing people kiss.

It could be Goosebumps for the persons kissing,
Envy for the person NOT kissing,
Satisfaction for the one who did the match-making,
Anger for the person who's partner is being kissed by another, 
Excitement for the person dared to kiss,
Shyness for the one kissing for the first time, and
Depression for the person who feels he/she will never kiss...

The thing is, it's hard to understand why the act of locking lips sends so much affection through us (you don't believe me? try kissing someone you've not met before, everyday for a week and see if you won't be seriously attached at the end of that exercise). I personally know a couple of people who are addicted to kissing (even though many of them are very bad It's so annoying, you hear ladies especially getting angry at the boyfriend or husband who left without planting a wet one on their lips. Na by force? What if he wasn't in the mood? What if he forgot to clean his mouth that morning? What if he took something alcoholic and he didn't want you to know or you don't like alcohol? WHAT IF YOU DON'T KISS? Who's gonna die?
I like kissing too, but when I look at a beautiful lady... The lips are only a starting point..*wink..he he

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