N9.6 Billion... WTF?

Howdy y’all?

I was reading the newspaper yesterday and came across an article on one ‘bros’ who got N9.6 billion richer thanks to a First Bank error. Before you get excited, it becomes boring because the guy returned ALL of it!

I’m a sucker for good *wink behaviour but any one being nice to a bank is messing up the balance because those guys are NEVER nice to you. They cajole, convince, lie and plead to get you to open accounts or take loans from them only to start hounding you around the place. Anyway, the dude who had N3000 in his account went to check his balance and noticed an excess of N9.6 billion. He (a member of the Mountain of Fire church), apparently alerted the bank and lost all that money only to be rewarded by a MUTE and stingy First Bank and the General Overseer of his church – a brand new car, university scholarship and some cash.

Big up yourself dude! It’s an example we all should emulate, but if na me... I’ll return the money o, but not before I buy a solid ride with customized plates boldly carrying the letters C.O.T!

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