Its just Glaze asking.. Part 1

1. Does Kenny Ogungbe of Kennis Music realise he is the CEO or he’s simply going through mid-life crisis?
2. Can’t Skuki come up with any other video concept apart from the ones where they are being chased by someone?

3. Where is ID Cabasa?

4. Is it that Naeto C keeps reminding us with every new video he makes that ‘Kini big deal’ was just a lucky fluke?

5. Did Rainbow 94.1 conduct any oral interviews for its OAPs?

6. Is DJ Jimmy Jatt still all that?

7. Isn’t the iPad just a big iTouch?

8. Has Terry G finally realised the music business
would do a lot better with him in the background?

9. Can anyone decipher the true meaning of ‘ONANA’? Since Rihanna is screaming it in ‘Whats my name’ and Chris Brown is saying the same in ‘Get back up’.

10. Would KAS have a music career if no one invented ‘Autotune’?

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