(Some) Nigerian Artistes are actually thinking..

It is usual here for us to verbally spank artistes who go into the studios only to come out with stuff that makes us question their level of intelligence before we give ourselves a mental b***h-slap for even listening to their music. We get a lot of thumbs-up for that, but we are no sadists. We also want to be known for giving same thumbs-up to the artistes doing well and making good music. Some have been spotted and reviewed here:


• For a song that weighs heavy in terms of a powerful voice and lyrical content without losing the Naija feel. We give a G-salute to SLK for her song ‘Darling’… It’s definitely a replay candidate.

• We are a party country, yes we are. The Yorubas and Ibos are known to top this chart in frequency, but the Hausas are also not left out. So a little something for them was not bad… A G-salute to Darey for ‘Ba ni kidi'.

• She declines to answer, but we can! And we say a G-salute goes to Omawumi for the song ‘If you ask me’. Wonderful plot with the waffi touch.

• A Grammy nomination isn’t out of her reach if she continues like this, but a G-salute she has bagged already. Tiwa Savage for ‘Love me, love me, love me'. Go girl! We love you much.

• The dude known as Pheel has got me feeling his ‘Body’ track. Voice and instrumental on point like a G-salute. It’s a fun song, good to serenade with. Lol.

• Just like Shaggy of years back, it seems the foreign based ragga act known as Baba Dee has finally seen the light in commercial music, because you can’t but move to his ‘Ye Ma Sa' track. Club banger material, G-salute recipient.

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