It’s just Glaze asking.. Part 2

  • Does Denrele ever drive in those his hill-like shoes?
  • Is I.D Cabasa entering the social circles once more with the release of Olamide's 'Omo to shan' video?
  • What was D' Prince thinking opening a club called 'Jonzing' (former Clubs Karma & SQ) in V.I.. Is he trying to compete with Koko Lounge?
  • Does Davido's father's substantial wealth in any way discredit his 'Back when' song where he claims to have been broke?
  • Can we say Montana Fishburne's (Larry Fishburne's daughter) misguided sojourn into the world of porn was a total flop?
  • Is Tiwa Savage that ugly without her make-up on?
  • Ten years from now, would WizKid change his name to WizDaddy?
  • Is Karen Higo going to disappear just like most of the former Big Brother Africa contestants/winners, or she'll remain visible on the social scene?

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