Naija in N.Y..

I was reading the papers yesterday and amidst all the bombs, rapes, new license plates and SIM registration wahala, I found some humour; lol. It was said that Diplomats from all over the world owe the city of New York $17million (about N2,635,000,000) in parking fines. 
The funny/pitiable thing here is that our very own Nigeria is chilling comfortably in the Top 3.

Egypt has got the number 1 debtor spot with $1.9m, number 2 goes to Nigeria with about $1m and Indonesia closes the list at number 3 with $725,000 in unpaid parking fines . Even in Yankee, our very own top government officials are forming bad guys and not paying bills they could have avoided if only they parked in the right places. Anyway, I wish them luck because New York city has proposed to the US State department that the diplomatic licenses of debtor countries should not be renewed.

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