Tyler Perry tops Hollywood's Top Earners list..

So, apparently Forbes has named American actor, director, playwright, screenwriter, producer, author, and songwriter (whew!Tyler Perry as the highest paid man in Hollywood.

Atlanta, Georgia based Tyler Perry ranks number one on the list with total gross earnings of $130 million (One Hundred and Thirty million dollars). Jerry Bruckheimer and Steven Spielberg do follow closely in second ($113 million) and third ($107 million) positions respectively.
In 2005, he released his first film, Dairy of a Mad Black Woman and has won over 20 awards - and counting, including the MTV Movie Awards 'Best Comedic Performance'.

Below is the list released...

Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry - $130 million
Jerry Bruckheimer - $113 million
Steven Spielberg - $107 million
Elton John - $100 million
Simon Cowell - $90 million
James Patterson - $84 million
Dr. Phil McGraw - $80 million
Leonardo DiCaprio - $77 million
Howard Stern - $76 million
Tiger Woods - $75 million

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