Lagosians won’t kill me o..!

I was at the Sunshine Chinese Restaurant last weekend, went to grab some prawns and soup with a friend. It was a nice quiet outing, at least until some loud elderly man walked in with some babe who was too young to be his wife, and too disrespectful to be his daughter.

The man ordered for some rice and sauce while his ‘friend’ added a portion of salad to hers. They sat on the table next to us and constituted a nuisance until their order came through. He kept ‘name-dropping’ and trying way too hard to impress the babe in his very poor spoken English.

While eating, the young lady decided to be ‘romantic’ and fed him some of her salad. The man exclaimed about how good it tasted and literally screamed across the dining area beckoning the waiter stationed near the bar to ask what was put in the salad. The waiter returned minutes later telling him what was put in it, but the man kept calling out after the waiter.

Okay! Carrot!
Spring onions, yes!
Beans, alright!
GARBAGE?!.. You put garbage in it too?”

At this point, I who was very pissed at the man’s previous behaviour could help it no more. I had to laugh myself out of the restaurant when I realized he meant Cabbage. I really don’t know where they get these kinds of people from. So, in case I ask you get me some salad… do make sure it contains some garbage please. LOL

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