Nadia Buari's sex tape - NOT!!

Recently, the Naija twitter atmosphere has been set ablaze by 3 sex-related stories. First, it was rumoured that the young and fast-rising music artiste - WizKid was in a sex tape with a big lady which was immediately cleared as just a case of resemblance;

The second story was that Ghollywood/Nollywood actress - Nadia Buari was featured in a sex tape where she was kpanshed by a male porn-star and the third and most recent was that of Amber Cole - a 14 year old girl caught on camera giving oral sex to a male student on school grounds, which was actually the only true story.
I can say this because  has done its research, and can exclusively tell you that the lady in the said video is NOT Nadia Buari, but a porn actress who goes by the name of Roxie West! And if I must say, they do bear so much of a striking resemblance that it is infact very scary..
Check out the pic below:

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