Sex is not a new word. In fact, our generation has made it one of the ‘Top 3 Most Searched for Words’ on the internet; so let’s not act funny, cover our ears or make negative remarks whenever it is spoken of. It is not to be encouraged and we all know and have been advised to abstain from it to avoid STDs and most of all unwanted babies for the ladies.

Knowing how hard it is for us youths to literally get our eyes and hands off each other, sex has become the new ‘hide and seek’. Anyway, I’m not here to preach on abstinence or how to keep your virginity, it’s probably too late for that. Well, I believe if it has to be done, protection is a MUST and sex shouldn't be boring when it can be spiced up. Foreplay and everything is helpful, but I prefer having a music playlist.

A playlist should include songs that connect to an individual sexually, it can vary but slow and sensual is always better. I tweeted about this once and asked for suggestions for mine. I got a lot of replies surprisingly, a sign that peeps encourage this as a way of spicing ones sex life. Here are some songs that were recommended:

  • Motivation - Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne
  • Say It - Neyo
  • The way you are - Darey
  • Neighbors know my name - Trey Songs
  • Cupid - Lloyd
  • Quickie - Miguel
  • One Naira - M.I ft. Waje
  • Fall For Your Type - Jamie Foxx
  • Body - Pheel
  • Crying Out For Me - Mario
  • Twisted - Keith Sweat
  • I want to know - Joe
  • That Body - Jeremiah
  • Love Faces - Trey Songs
  • Relate - Faze
  • I’ld Make Love to You - Boys 2 Men
  • Invented sex Remix - Trey Songs ft. Usher and Keri Hilson
  • There Goes My Baby - Usher
  • Addiction - Ryan Leslie ft Cassie and Fabulous
  • Cater to you - Destiny's Child
  • Find your Love - Drake
  • You are my rock - Beyonce
  • Bound to you - Christiana Aguilera
  • Ride it - Jay Sean
  • Pyramid  - Charice ft. Iyaz
  • Heaven Sent Remix - Keisha Cole ft. Mario
  • Number 1 sex - R. Kelly ft. Keri Hilson
  • Key to my heart – Craig David
  • One night stand – Keri Hilson

Written by: Collette Otsu

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