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I've been holding back on the urge to do this weird bit of 'calling out'. This one is for all the Naija girls who keep going on about how they can never date or respect a guy who calls them after 12 midnight. For Heaven's sake, if you happen to be awake at that time - why not?! If it happens to be a member of your family, or even a crush, or boy/girl-friend, would you not pick the call?
It IS a voice call, and its going to cost the dude (except he is a total creep who has a sim card that is permanently loaded with N100, no more, no less). I do not advocate the inconveniencing of other people just because 'you can't sleep' but in the same vein, I totally applaud the genius that invented the silent function on the mobile phone. Even chinko phones have it and if you are put off by a nuisance caller, use it and throw your phone under the pillow!

Anyway, I'm doing this finally because I have some maths to share with you guys..

Midnight caller:  N100 x 30 days = N3,000

Badt Guy/Babe BIS:  N2,800

If you do not pick the call, or you pick the call and talk for two minutes - it's all up to YOU! So shut it and stop complaining about a 30 minutes call when you stay up all night pinging..

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