WizKid is waking wealth.. lol

With a schedule that keeps him busy all week; and enquiries from all over the globe, singer Wizkid is currently one of the top 5 most wanted pop stars from Nigeria. From a previous engagement fee of N500-700,000, his management we hear has now upped his fee to a minimum of N1.5M with anything from one to three shows per week. Big budget clients could even be asked for up to N2M and N3M in some cases.

Having so much to spare, the 21-year-old recently acquired a 2010 VW convertible worth N6M (Six million Naira). Big budget videos are also in the offing, as the trado-themed video for ‘Pakurumo’ will be in circulation real soon.

With a MOBO plaque and Headie in his pouch, and a hit-filled debut album that’s still moving units, the EME act seems poised for a bright future…

WizKid's dad in his son's new ride

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