You read right; I do intend to talk about sex and its accessories. The only thing is I intend to pick on just one sex aid today.

CONDOM (male contraceptive):
contraceptive for man: a close-fitting rubber covering worn by a man over the penis during sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy or the spread of sexually transmitted disease.

That is the dictionary meaning of a condom - yes; but MY definition is

CONDOM (life saver):
must-have for dudes: a small but powerful rubber that should be taken EVERYwhere you go. It can ensure you have a career, a wife you WANT and a sound mind. Eliminates all forms of worry, heart/headaches and high blood pressure.

I do not know what is wrong with the world these days. Maybe the Earth has shifted way too much or something. We all have been informed about the advantages of using condoms if we decide that 'abstinence' is a path we cannot tow. In the 90s, there was a huge campaign against the 'MEN', it was claimed that many men then refused to wear condoms because in their words - "they couldn't feel anything".

Advocates of the Stop Aids Campaign went to town, saying that guys were the ones standing in the way of an Aids-free generation. This campaign became useless when diapers, baby food, baby farts and endless crying did what these organisations could

Fast forward to the past decade, and the tide has totally turned. The guys who have lost careers, education or serious weight due to their new 'daddy status' have embraced the condom culture. The only thing is... well, the WOMEN happen to be totally oblivious of the reasons why a condom is quite important. They have suddenly become the species who need to 'feel'!

I laugh so hard when I think about it. Guys keeping condoms in their wallet for 2 years; not because they are not getting any, but because she dare not see it during the entire act. Ladies, please what is the reason for this? - apart from not liking the faces on the pack below  :D.

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