BB Etiquette.. Part 1

Hi guys!
                There is no denying the fact that the Blackberry smartphone has taken over the phone/smartphone markets along with, well, most of our lives. The attachment most people have for their ‘BBs’ is quite ridiculous. A necessity it is for some and an indulgent habit for most.
                I have a couple of reservations about the way it has shaped our lives and the way most people (Nigerians especially) have created virtual lives out of a mere communication device. Below, I have permitted myself to vent..

  • Broadcast messages:

                Why would you have a car and complain when a ‘rubber’ tire bursts? Why would you buy an air-conditioner and then complain that it makes you cold? It is for this very same reason that you buying a Blackberry phone also comes with the risk of a couple of people abusing some of its uses. The broadcast function is one that enables a fellow user send a message to ALL of his/her contacts; so if you happen to be on the contact list of what I like to call a ‘serial BCer’, then too bad.
                This is not enough reason to hate, curse or delete anyone who sends you a BC. How many of you smash your TV screens whenever that very annoying advert comes up? Or how many companies have been put out of business because you think their adverts are shitty? Do open EVERY broadcast message you receive, they might contain some really valuable information (with the exception of those who you have identified as the senders of GOOD MORNING, HAPPY SUNDAY, RAIN IS FALLING, GOD WILL PUNISH YOU IF YOU DON’T DANCE ALANTA IN CHURCH etc.).

  • Putting up nude/topless/bum/boob photos as your display picture:

                DO NOT even get angry if you start to get random pings asking about your cup size or if the body parts belong to you. I say do not get angry not because they can’t be very annoying, but because you asked for it. If a lady in her right senses decides to put on a very low cut blouse, then any guy in his right senses can decide to stare at her boobs! It’s a simple case of action and reaction.
                If you keep putting naked pictures on display, do not vex if I ask how much for a night. I do not advocate the crossing of personal boundaries or the excuse of seductive dressing as a reason to rape; but I say like our elders in Nigeria – If you do not plan to eat the food, do not sniff it. If you can handle the onslaught of horny guys whenever you use such seductive pictures or personal messages, then more power to your elbows, but if you can’t, please stop it. You will look like a hooker saying she’s a night hustler when you start to insult a guy who propositions you with a top that barely contains your boobies as your dp.

This is all I am going to touch on right now, the follow up will be out real soon. Please do feel free to visit our facebook page at to also add your takes on this particular issue and do not forget to like the page.


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