No guys. I am not reviewing Usher’s song/video; that would have happened a long time ago.

All I want to do is educate the guys on how to spot a ‘faker’ – an excitement faker (get your minds out of the gutter).  When I say an excitement faker, I’m simply referring to that babe who seems to be awed, amazed, stupefied by EVERYthing you do or say.

The OMG movement has become so popular that every time something nice or super cool happens, it has to be an OMG moment. After my research, I have reached this conclusion.

Oh my God! – Real
OH-MY-GOD! – Real
Oh my days! – Real (for butter babes)
Oh my gosh!FAKE!!!

Any girl that says ‘Oh my gosh’ to me is joking if she thinks she has successfully bought me over. If you doubt this, try it out yourself. Get your girl a random gift and be ready for an ‘Oh my gosh’ moment; get her that shoe she always eyes whenever you go to the mall and be ready to hear all the ‘Oh my Gods’ you can take.

Get her in front of that celeb that all her friends thinks is cute – ‘Oh my gosh’. Let that her hunky neighbour take off his shirt to play street football – ‘Oh my God’. It’s simply a Naija girl thing.

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