When it comes to relationships these days, I would like to say from MY objective point of view that 95% of the problems experienced are caused by the women. I’m not saying that men do not have their problems, or that they are perfect in a relationship. Review these pointers and see if I’m not making some sense.

For guys, our problems are simple.
  • We see a girl we like, we chase her.
  • We need food and you don’t give us, we find someone who will cook for us.
  • We need sex and you don’t give us, we’ll find someone who will take care of that urge.

But, for the ladies,
  • You see a guy you like, you front and immediately become unapproachable.
  • He tries all he can to prove that he wants you real bad, then you start to compare him to Hercules.
  • You have all this unrealistic pointers to how or what your ‘ideal’ man should be like. If you want to be truthful to yourselves, if a guy like that existed, he DEFINITELY won’t be spending his time with YOU!
  • You have no problem ‘billing’ the guys. You want, you want, you want… then when he wants, you decide to remember your morale values. Ever heard of the word ‘investment’? Well if you have, you should also check out the word ‘dividend’.
  • When you are young, you want to date a guy who is way older than you are just because in you and your girlfriends/mother/sister’s minds, only those kind of guys are ‘serious’ enough. Fast forward a couple of decades, then you don’t want to go back home early or you become a depressed recluse because your husband is ‘way too serious’ for you.
  • You enjoy his company, talk every day, he takes you out, does nice things for you; yet you only ‘really like him’ but cannot date him. Nicely ask him to stop then, because trust me; he’s not doing all that for nothing.
  • You are madly in love, but cannot be with him just because your ‘girls’ think he is way too light skinned or speaks funny.
  • You see this ambitious guy with a lot of potential and drive but you are in a hurry to date a ‘baller’. So you would rather spend all your ‘useful’ years dating an uneducated, disrespectful, un-motivated excuse for a guy ‘just for the money’. Fast forward some years, then you start wondering where all the good guys went. Seriously?! You drove past them in your rich boy car.

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