Pity my Hashtag...

Hi guys,

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you would by now already know how much I hate the hypocrisy in Nigerians. We are a nation plagued by people who want to look good even when it doesn’t make sense.
I write this because of the recent social media ‘pity party’ upsurge. 

In the past two months, we have been constantly hammered by all kinds of media, especially audio, visual and the internet to donate money to help save lives. First it was Rhythm FM, Abuja’s OAP – Kachi; then it was #SaveFunmi and even more recently the #SaveDebbie movement.

I am not against trying to save a live, but what I would rather do is SAVE LIVES!! We heard about Kachi because of his ties with Rhythm, Funmi because she is an aspiring wig from the great Unilag, and thanks to the ‘twitter celebs’ like @GossipGirliee and @TwitterOracle who have decided to ride Debbie’s bandwagon. The question here is after all these Millions of Naira have been raised and utilized – WHAT NEXT??

Would those monies guarantee these people a better life? Would they live longer than the rest of us? Would they get a stable means of sustenance after their operations? Would they even survive the operations? When they are done with the operation, would we start a #FEEDTHEM movement again for them to survive?

I love life. I love people, and I have a very big heart, but what causes my heart to ache is the fact that we turn our backs on ourselves until it feels good to do good, or when we can do good under the bright lights. If all these artistes and celebs were earlier contacted to donate towards A CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL, A STATE OF THE ART DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE OR A SUBSIDIZED DRUG STORE, would they be this eager to drop large amounts of money??

All we do is wait till our birthdays, album launches, or when we’ve got a camera crew following us around before we do good. We really don’t have to wait till ONE person is in critical need before we do good, when we can SAVE THOUSANDS by acting on time.

Let’s all join hands to change this trend, let us think about ALL the people who don’t know about twitter, who can’t get to radio and who don’t have as many friends in high places; those are the people who really NEED our help. I just dropped my 2 Cents; it might seem harsh but deep down you know I speak the truth.

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