Abuja Big Boy spends N24 million on birthday drinks

The birthday boy is on the right..

This is something that just weakens me. I am a sucker for living your life and having fun with it, but when you decide to celebrate your birthday party with friends and you pop bottles of Ace of Spades and Cristal to the tune of 24 million Naira.. Then I believe you've got some serious issues. Due to our findings, a  bottle of Ace at that club sells for 200 thousand Naira, and the birthday boy known as 'Bem' bought 87 bottles - do the maths.

Shoot! Why not get yourself a new car, build a house, bless lots of people...? The honest truth is with that sum, you can still pop enough bottles to mark your day; but what do I know? The dude is 'balling' as they say. This show went down at the Play Lounge/Nightclub in Abuja.

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