Benin, Edo Chieftancy Titles for Dilish and Maria??

Okay, do not be afraid if you hail from the revered Benin city in Nigeria. This has nothing to do with your Oba awarding titles; instead I heard from a little bird that the oga at the top in the state government has had his eyes (and h**ds) on two of the contestants in the ongoing Big Brother Africa 2013, The Chase.

The report reaching us is that this certain 'badt guy' has been spoiling these girls silly whenever he 'imports' them into the country. It is also no secret that these two, Dilish and Maria have been friends even before their entry into the game. This post came last because I've been trying to confirm the reports, but with the sudden obsession with Dilish (who is still in the house) and Benin city, Nigeria - I've been forced to reconsider my 'on the fence' stand on the issue. She's been giving quite very random shout outs to the state that isn't even in her country, so much that a raised eyebrow is not out of place.

Anyway, that is what we heard..

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