Olamide's DUROSOKE video - 'a weist'?

Being a Nigerian, and someone who's in the entertainment industry, I cannot along with pretty much everyone else ignore that God has been good to music artiste Olamide. Arguably the hottest thing in Naija music right now, he's showing no signs of slowing down.

With his jam Durosoke, he just blew us all away while also showing another side to him which is the comedic rap, championed by FALZtheBahdGuy who is also a Nigerian rapper. Doing shows everywhere and raking in so much especially from that song after he dropped his album last year, one would expect that with his funds, style and recent exposure, he would do the hit single justice with a 'korrect' video.
My issues with the recently released video is it looked very off what they were trying to depict (that is agreeing that I get the backstage concept).

My WHYs:

  1. Why in God's name does the entire set look like they didn't even know why they were there?? Movies are called make-believes for a reason.
  2. Why would he be wearing an abeti-aja (Yoruba traditional attire) and have the tags on video cast in Pounds instead of Naira?
  3. Why do I start thinking of Jay-Z only 30 seconds into the video?
  4. Why does it look like a mash up, instead of a stand alone vid? Did he like 'stupid love' video that much?

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