Music collabos with foreign artistes is not by force!

Hi guys!

Today again, I'm doing a bit of what people might refer to as a 'calling out', but it is what it is when people be trying to play on my(OUR) intelligence.

Yesterday, I was listening to the radio, and apparently they had guests on the show I was listening to.. These guests happened to be Mavin's Dr Sid and Alexandra Burke of UK X-factor fame; she's in the country to perform at the finale of the Nigerian X-factor. They went on to say they were there to premiere a track that he featured her on - the remix of his song Baby Tornado.

I was curious to see what their mix-up would produce, so I went ahead to download the song, listened to it, and all that was different on the track was Tiwa Savage's verse!! At first, I thought the song had two remixes and maybe I didn't know about the first one. After doing a quick research, I found out it was only one remix to the song.

Here are my issues with the song:
  1. It was a lil too much use of autotune.
  2. Then after listening to the supposed Alexandra's verse, I couldn't understand why Don Jazzy who is a music wizard would want to put her usually deep, full voice in the background.
  3. Viola! It got to the 'fregede' part and I understood.. It was too tuned because it was Tiwa that was doing the singing, not Alexandra!
  4. How do they explain someone who's never been to Nigeria suddenly speaking native lingo so fluently?
  5. In addition to the fact that Tiwa's voice stands out like Champagne compared to palm wine, it's beautiful!

Please, these guys should understand that Nigerians who have supported them this far love them for their music, and not all this senrere. It is not by force to sing with some dude from wherever only to get your ass exposed like Sinzu, with Godwon saying he was famzing him on MySpace. Na by force?!! 
Y'all need to step your games up!!

Download the song here: Baby Tornado Rmx

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