Short letter to Naija students from Unilag student affected by strike

" News reaching me says students are planning to block the streets and bridges next week in protest of the continuation of the ASUU strike - beht why? Your papa no get house? Abi you can't find a job to do? No be your mates dey hustle? Or me sef no be student like you?
Please I urge you all to respect yourselves and don't go funny.. No babariga.. No ranse-ronzy. As you all know, beautiful faces need no powder. Don't fix it if it's not broken!
Thank you.. TeamASUU, leggoo!
(N.B: I heard ASUU is ready to take it to next year.. Wow, ASUU is doing a great job!) "

So, that was sent in by a Unilag student simply identified as Kofinho. What do y'all think? Does he have a point or not? Leave your comments below..lool.

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