Talk about BIG packages in small jars..

A 45-year-old Manhattanite named, Jonah Falcon is recognized for having the longest man-hood ever measured in a documentary, a distinction that has made him an Internet star. He has declined many opportunities in Porn. But now, he has an offer he can’t refuse.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum– better known as “The man-hood Museum” has offered Jonah everlasting fame, by putting his 13.5-inch sex organ on display after his death.
“I am flattered by the invitation,” Falcon says in a letter to the museum sent via HuffPost Weird News.

“I appreciate your museum’s devotion to science, and it would be an honor to have my manhood put on display, hopefully nestled between the sexual appendages of a sperm whale and a polar bear … I hope I don’t make either of those creatures jealous. May I suggest you call the exhibit, ‘Jonah and the Whale’.”

Pall Arason, a 95-year-old Icelandic tour guide, became the first human to be featured in the museum, after he passed away in 2011. His penis and scrotum, now in a pickle jar, is a featured attraction.

The things we humans care about.. SMH!

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