Does Fidelity mean Love?

          This is a follow up to my facebook profile two days back with the same topic. I really needed people’s opinions on this issue because it was beginning to freak me out when people lose the best things in their lives because he/she wasn’t faithful and they end up being miserable for the rest of their lives.

        I know it’s not right to cheat or be unfaithful to people you love but shit does happen. I have seen relationships where the guy/gurl after being together with a babe for a while, meets someone who just blows their minds away or some chic/guy from their past and shit happens. They love the present guy/chic to death, but water has gone under the bridge and they sometimes man-up enough to tell the current partner and he/she flips out. Two days later(picking one out of the 35 calls they put thru & only to tell them how big an arse they are) they call him/her and announce that it’s over between them. Hello? The guy/chic told you! If they didn’t come out straight, you would still be in the dark. So, respect the that fact and cut them some slack.

          For Heaven’s sake I’ve also been witness to some situations(this happens mostly in marriages) where the man/woman would not under any circumstance even look twice at the opposite sex, but anytime they spend together with their partner is a slice of hell. Men turn their wives to punching bags and women make the men’s lives miserable...

So, I sit in a corner asking myself...

Does fidelity mean true love?

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